Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Radford's In Luck!

Radford has been very lucky this week!

As you all know I collect Emma Bridgewater, not that its obvious! Well within my collection I try my hardest to collect limited edition pieces.

Country Living Magazine are celebrating their 25th birthday along side EB and in their Feb issue they are offering a limited edition Country Living EB 1/2 Pint Mug only £15.95 each plus £4 p&p

I had to have one!

They are still available so if you like the look then get your order in, I have the Feb issue if you need the contact number to order!

Another limited edition EB this week is the Marmalade Festival 1/2 pint mug. 250 were made, 200 of which were available at the festival on sunday 14th Feb the other 50 were made available through the EB website, I was VERY VERY lucky to manage to get hold of one for me and one for my mother. Mind you I did have to be attached to the computer for almost the whole day! But it was worth it!

I have also found a fab group on Flickr it is an Emma Bridgewater group and there are some fantastic photos that have been taken!

Click on the EB picture to the right on my tool bar and it will lead you to the group, have a nosey and if you like it then join up!


Heather said...

ooh, that top cup is gorgeous! sadly in this house it'd be bashed and without its handle within a week.

Smelly Radford said...

Ah but it would still look great without a handle!! xx

Sarah, Maison Cupcake said...

Lovely to come across another Emma Bridgewater fan, I did a post on my blog last summer about my trip to her factory shop in Stoke, I hope I get to go there again this year!

I love the organic and green stuff, wish I'd bought more of it when it was around.

My most unusual piece is a Hooray for London 2012 mug done as limited edition when we found out we'd won the olympic bid. I think there were only 750 at the time but then another batch were made... unfortunately!

Smelly Radford said...

Maison Cupcake isnt the factory amazing! I go twice a year (sale times!!) but the other half hates it because he can never drag me away!!

The Hooray for London is such a lovely piece, ahh I could go on about Bridgewater forever!!