Thursday, 11 February 2010

A little bit of Bridgewater........

I thought I would share some of my pieces of Emma Bridgewater

This really is a taster!

I dont just collect one pattern or shape because I constantly see new pieces and fall in love with them!

The Rise and Shine collection came about in 2004, this is one of my favourites, and I was chuffed when I saw some for sale at the christmas sale this year so I could not help but get a few more dinner plates!!

These two plates above were made by EB for Pineapple around 1991 (from what I can tell by the back stamp), very simple designs and I find them beautiful, I believe there are other designs to this collection that were made, I am keeping my eyes peeled!

Above is a Robin mini mug and a 1 pint Robin mug, I keep chocolates in the big one!

This would make a lovely christmas present for a little boy!

The dinner plate above is from the Organic and Green collection and the large vase is from Hampton Court Flower Show last year.

For any EB lover this is a must have! If you already have this book you may want to skip this next paragragh!

The EB books talks about the life of Emma Bridgewater, her growing up and how she came about creating Bridgewater, it tells you what year designs were produced, there is a shape guide, a page showing the yearly backstamps so you can work out how old a piece is and lots lots more......


Heather said...

ooh, those are so pretty!

lemonade kitty said...

You have some lovely pieces there, thanks for showing us them love Lucey xx

Victoria said...

I love everything you have :):)