Monday, 8 February 2010

How this came about......

Welcome to my blog,

Firstly before anybody wonders "Is Radford really smelly?" I can confirm that I don't! It's a nick name that has stuck with me since I was a young girl from the days when I almost lived in my ponies stable with straw in my hair and muck on my breeches! I have lived and breathed ponies from day dot and have wonderful memories from the fearless child days when I would gallop my pony Tom across the fields bareback in just a headcollar!

I also have another passion which the other half calls an "uncontrollable addiction" and that is collecting Emma Bridgewater pottery! I have expensive tastes you may think, but by working hard in my "normal" job I have to treat myself.

I have many pieces of Bridgewater including Rise & Shine, Pink hearts, Blue Stars, Organic, Birds, Love & Kisses, Polka Dot, etc etc....

These are all on different items such as 1/2 pint mugs, 10 1/2' plates, cereal bowls, 1 pint mugs, 8' plates, cups and saucers, comport stand, clocks, small & large vases, jugs and my beloved candle sticks & sugar shaker!

I don't know why the other half thinks I am an uncontrollable addict!!!!

What I have been missing from my collection is a small hen egg coddler sometimes called a trinket pot, but today my luck was in, I found some for sale on Ebay, while at work I kept an eye on the time and when it was near the end of the auction I got out my iPhone (wonderful invention) and hid in the store cupboard, I waited until there was just a minute to go and placed my bid, for some reason I always feel my heart racing and get nervous when bidding it must be the excitments, anyway I won!!!! These items always go for such high prices hence why I have never won one before but my winning bid was £25.

Radford is very pleased with herself, I just hope the other half does not go onto Ebay and notice!! I shall just place it on the dresser and if asked I shall say "Darling that piece has always been there, you obviously just have not noticed it before!" I am sure he will realise it's a new addition but I like to amuse him!

To be continued.... x x x


lucey said...

Hi, it's not that long ago I too stated blogging and I'm loving it!! I have quite a few pieces of E.B. I have one of those "coblers" (didn't know they were called this, but I seem to remember Matthew Rice doing a receipe in Country Living Magazine cooking eggs in them) Mine is a rabbit sitting on a nest...happy blogging love Lucey xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aaahh welcome to blogging!
Well done on your win too, ebay is like a drug sometimes isn't it?
Thank you for entering the *PINK GIVEAWAY* too.

Smelly Radford said...

Thank you both very much! I think I will enjoy blogging very much! Lucey the Rabbit on nest is a rare piece as I am sure you know, beautiful things!! xx

Victoria said...

I plan to collect EB in the future. I have 1 mug so far! lol. But ever since being introduced to her stuff I love it all.

A little shop near me sells it so I'm going to pop in soon to have a look.

I got my Mum the Daniel Craig tea towel for Christmas. hehe.


Smelly Radford said...

Victoria Emma Bridgewater is a must! Once you start collecting you can not stop! If ever you get the oppotunity then go to the factory because they have seconds which are sooooo much cheaper and to be honest there is never really anything wrong with them!!