Sunday, 28 February 2010

Radford Is Behaving Honest!!!!

Radford has behaved herself this week, I must admit I hate it when the other half thinks he has got one over on me, the true fact is that I have just not found anything new that I would like to add to my ever growing collection! So I think in a way I have double bluffed him!

I have noticed a couple of new items available on the EB Website, firstly there are some new Mothers Day Mugs and secondly are some T-Towels, all of which are really tempting! The T-Towels are really groovy and are quite different, the designer of them is Pat Albeck, if you get chance have a look because they are great! I am still patiently awaiting the 2010 jug! I am sure it will be amazing but I not the best when it comes to waiting!!

A friend of mine wants to go on the EB factory tour so I have also booked that this week, if you have not done the factory tour then I would recommend it, they do tours every tuesday and it is lovely to see how it is all made and decorated.

We are currently in the process of buying a new house, we are renting a much smaller place then we are use to (to help save money) and so the majority of our furniture and EMMA BRIDGEWATER is safely packed and stored away, I cant wait to unpack it all again! I do wonder though if I might have a few surprises tucked in there because I struggle to remember sometimes what I have and what I have not got!

I would love to hear from fellow Emma Bridgewater lovers what their favourite and cherished piece is, mine has to be my Polka Dot Sugar Shaker, I am so paranoid that it will get broken that I do not use mine, it is just sooooooo pretty! I really think the old designs and shapes are the best, I would love it if they remade these sugar shakers, I would have to have two of each design so that I could use one every day and so that I have a spare incase one breaks!! When I dig mine out I shall get a picture on here!

I would however LOVE one of these in my kitchen!!


lemonade kitty said...

I'd love a polka dot aga too!!! My most treasured piece of E.B. is a greyhound mug, my sister was tragically killed in a car crash in October 2005 and we found the mug already wrapped as part of my christmas present. Needless to say I don't use, it only look lovingly at it. Love Lucey xx

Smelly Radford said...

Lucey, that is heartbreaking, I can understand why you cherish it, it must bring memories of your sister. Your sister had wonderful taste xx

Rebecca said...

Now Ive seen this I want one! :L