Monday, 22 February 2010

The Emma Bridgewater Ban........

No more Emma Bridgewater buying this week, I have been ordered by the better half to spend my pennies wisely (WISELY, EB IS WISELY!!!!) he disagrees with me when I tell him that buying EB is an investment as well as an absolute wonderful pleasure and yes a little bit of an addiction, when I am over the hill he can flog it all (If he really feels he has too) and be a very wealthy man!

I am still on the hunt for my small hen on nest with blue stars, I did watch a small blue hen on nest sell for over £80 on ebay at the weekend, I did have to restrain myself!

The EB ban is only short term, I am silently excitedly awaiting the 2010 year jug, to all EB fans out there you have to buy this, not only is it the yearly jug but it is their 25th year and I have a feeling that it will be an expensive item in time to come so make sure you get your order in! It is currently still being designed but I am sure it will look fantastic amongst the jungle of bits on the dresser!

Not long now til the car boot season arrives! I love car boot sales! I love nothing more then arriving there as they open and having a look through all the tables hoping to find a treasure!

Last year I tried my hand at a bit of selling but because I ended up going on my own I was unable to have a rummage on the other stalls. Now I think that smelly other half did this on purpose so that I was unable to spend the money earned from selling my bits and bobs!

Everytime I was selling he would make an excuse as to why he could not come "Sorry babe I have to fix my sisters, husbands, brothers car!..." REALLY??, "Honey I am helping mum dig out her tree root!...." YES RIGHT!! If this was his plan he soon realised it back fired because I would befriend my fellow seller beside me and we would take it in turns to watch each others tables while we went for a rummage!

I did get some bargains last year, I got a beech wood filing cabinet, brand new for £3! and a foot stool for 50p which I recovered in my own fabric! So tell me peeps where is the best car boot sale in the UK? I am going to make it my mission this year to find the most amazing bargain!


Victoria said...

I might have to get the anniversary purchase! Ooh tempting :)

Smelly Radford said...

Its a must!!! xx

Simone said...

Thank you for your lovely comment over at my Mutant Trees blog. I love Emma Bridgewater too but only have a few pieces at the moment. I couldn't stick to one pattern either!