Monday, 22 March 2010

The Auction!

What a week! I have failed the Emma Bridgewater ban by buying not just one coddler but two! I have found myself the blue stars small hen coddler that I have been hunting for and a cat on basket coddler/trinket pot and they are both so beautiful, the pictures will not do them any justice at all!

Now being the crazed EB fan that I am I decided to go to a local auction just to see whether they had any treasures. 5pm friday evening I dragged the other half down to the auction preview (he was not happy, but hey ho he silently moans!)

Amongst all the furniture, paintings, books, antiques and chinaware I noticed a small cardboard box with a plate in it that straight away I knew was EB, I dashed over to it and had a good old rummage through and found it had four 10 1/2in dinner plates, five 8in plates and two cereal bowls, they were also back stamped with "celebrating 21 yrs of Emma Bridgewater" so I was very chuffed with my find.

The day of the auction I found a good spot and listened as all the lots went under the hammer and then it was lot 125 the assorted chinaware box with EB tucked inside, I had convinced myself that £45 was going to be my max bid, but items had been selling for pennies so far so I was feeling good!

The starting bid was £15 and then dropped to £10, I nodded at the auction bloke and then another bidder piped up for £15 and then it went crazy, this other bidder and I went at war and before I knew it I was bidding £90! ARGHHHHHH!!!! I suddenly realised I was double what I had set my target too and pulled out the bidding and the other bidder brought it for £95.

The excitment of the build up, the exhileration of the bidding followed by the disappointment of not winning all happened so fast, but I took the time after I left to remind myself that had I of won at £90 I had gone over my target and spending all that money would probably of annoyed me anyway so I have resided myself to the fact that everything happens for a reason, it was just not meant to be and better luck next time.



lemonade kitty said...

So your next bid would have been £100!!! naughty. Love that luittle cat havn't seen that one before. Did I tell you I have the rabbit?? going to put him in my easter display Lucey xx

Smelly Radford said...

Wow the bunny one is gorgeous can't wait to see your display! I was very good not bidding to £100 but it was so tempting! xx

Mummy Bear said...

I know how you feel, I lost a beautiful china cake plate on Ebay and it only went for a few pounds more than my max bid...i still mourn its loss

Sam said...

Hi Chloe! Hope you are well! Just wanted to let you know I've tagged you over at my blog: